About the Association of Women Attorneys of Lake County

About the Association of Women Attorneys of Lake County

The Association of Women Attorneys of Lake County (AWALC) was founded more than 25 years ago by women who were pioneers in the legal profession.

Over the years, AWALC has substantially grown through the efforts of the Board and the support of the current members. Our organization consists of lawyers, judges, and other Legal professionals throughout Lake County and neighboring counties.

AWALC has a monthly lunch meeting on the first Wednesday of each month with dynamic speakers, a forum for announcements and updates, and opportunities for networking. In addition, we have a summer event, a winter holiday party, and biennial ethics and continuing legal education seminars.

Below is a photo of some of the original members of AWALC. We have identified some members but the others remain a mystery. If you see yourself in the photo or can identify any of the below women, please contact us at emailawalc@gmail.com

old AWALC board

STANDING: ___, ____, Barb Swanson, Donna Henderson, Joan Pantsios, Julie Lundquist, Cynthia Alexander, Anne Linn, ____, ____, _____.

SITTING: Yolanda Torres, Linda Spring, Lynn Cima, Victoria Martin, Mary Clark.

AWALC: Giving Back to the Community

In addition to the important legal and social aspects of our organization, AWALC prides itself on our charitable efforts and community outreach. To that end, and with the assistance of our Charitable Committee, we have contributed to a number of organizations, including A Safe Place, Mother’s Trust, the Northern Illinois Food bank, and the Lake County Bar Foundation.

Please note: AWALC is not a 501(c)(3) organization. Amounts paid directly to AWALC are not deductible as a charitable expense.

For our annual holiday party charity or organization, we request members make checks payable directly to the selected charity or organization if they wish to receive a charitable deduction for their donation.

If you would like to join AWALC and participate in our events and seminars, or to renew your membership, please send an email to emailawalc@gmail.com to get registration information.